Master Cut EDM, which owns one of the largest wire EDM machines in the American Midwest, is uniquely positioned to handle some of the most challenging EDM wire work in the market.

In this instance, our plastics industry client required a 30″ X 50″ size mold that would produce a high-pressure, plastic container. We were able to accommodate that large part by using electrical discharge machining on our oversized wire EDM machine which has the ability to cut a 50″ X 36″ X 20″ fully submerged part. Our precision, high-tech Makino U86 wire EDM machine cut eight lifter pockets through various parts of the block. Those pockets’ sides were parallel to each other but not square to the block and were positioned 10° from the vertical.

Master Cut EDM uses its EDM services and experience to maximize quality and significantly reduce job costs to the benefit of its customers whenever possible.

On this cylinder mold, we achieved extremely tight tolerances of -.0000/+.0002 and performed in-process testing and inspections. We also verified to +.0001 using certified gage blocks.

Our round-the-clock service ensures the type of rapid turnaround that allowed us to produce this single unit in P-20 alloy steel in just two days.

We’ve provided further project details below and you are welcome to contact us if you want to know more.


Product Description This cylinder mold produces a plastic high pressure container.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Wire EDM
    • Cut 8 Lifter Pockets Through Various Areas of the Block
    • Pockets Were Parallel Sided but not Square to the Block
    • They Were Tipped or Leaning 10 Degrees from the Vertical
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Makino U86 wire EDM
Overall Part Dimensions
  • Mold Size: 30″ x 50″
  • Pocket Size:
  • 1-1/2″
  • 10° Tilted Square
Tightest Tolerances -.0000/+.0002
Material Used P-20 alloy steel
In process testing/inspection performed Verified at +.0001 using certified gage blocks
Industry for Use Plastic Container
Volume 1 Unit
Turn Around Time 2 Days
Delivery Location Illinois
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Cylinder Mold


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